🔴Apex Tier

About Apex NFT & Benefits

500 Apex NFTs will be available for the community at 100 EGLD or 100,000 ORCA each. See below how are the funds distributed after the mint:

The advantages of minting an Apex NFT are as follows:

  • Play: Access to Orcas organizations in games (strategic clans/guilds built in a way to maximize the gains) is granted to the owners of at least one Apex NFT.

  • Earn: Owners of the Apex NFTs will split a fraction of Apex Vault profits (~10.00 APR).

  • Staking Rewards: those who own Apex NFTs will generate a passive income of 8 ORCA/day as a token, see Token Utility. NFT owners will earn ORCA tokens if they keep their NFTs staked. 37M ORCA tokens will be distributed as staking rewards for 10 years.

  • Token Airdrop: Minters using EGLD for mint will receive 10,000 ORCA for each Apex NFT.

  • SFT Airdrop: Minters will receive an Orca Mount (https://xspotlight.com/nfts/ORCASMOUNT-811f6c-01) for each Apex NFT. SFT holders may summon the warrior orca at their whim, calling forth its might to dominate the tides of battle in TCL game.

  • Community: Access to dedicated Discord channels (exclusive content and opportunities) based on the NFT Tier

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