🟢Casual Tier

About Casual NFT & Benefits

10,000 Casual NFTs will be available for the community at 5 EGLD or 5,000 ORCA each. See below how are the funds distributed after the mint:

The advantages of minting a Casual NFT are as follows:

  • Play: Access to Orcas organizations in games (strategic clans/guilds built in a way to maximize the gains) is granted to the owners of at least one Casual NFT.

  • Earn: Owners of the Casual NFTs will split a fraction of Casual Vault profits (~10.00 APR)

  • Staking Rewards: those who own Casual NFTs will generate a passive income of 0.4 ORCA/day as a token, see Token Utility. NFT owners will earn ORCA tokens if they keep their NFTs staked. 37M ORCA tokens will be distributed as staking rewards for 10 years.

  • Token Airdrop: Minters using EGLD for mint will receive 500 ORCA for each Casual NFT.

  • Community: Access to dedicated Discord channels (exclusive content and opportunities) based on the NFT Tier

== Costs to upgrade a Casual NFT to a superior tier ==



5 and Casual


5,000 and Casual


20 and Casual


20,000 and Casual


45 and Casual


45,000 and Casual


95 and Casual


95,000 and Casual

Using EGLD to upgrade will make you eligible for the Token Airdrop. The process will be covered manually initially and later via a self-service portal.

The steps for upgrade:

  1. Make sure your Casual NFT is in your wallet (otherwise, there are 30-day unstacking period)

  2. In our Discord server open a request/ticket via the #open-a-ticket channel, choosing the "Tier Upgrade" category.

  3. Wait for the team to give you instructions. Then, a few additional steps must be followed based on your chosen path for the upgrade.

A general overview and more information about Minting and Prices can be found here.

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