Token Utility

What is an ORCA token?

ORCA is the core utility token within ecosystem. A total supply of 100,000,000 ORCA tokens will be minted as an ESDT ( and deployed on MultiversX network blockchain with no possibility for future inflation. The tokens will be distributed and unlocked as follows:

How can I obtain Orcas Token?

  1. 1.
    Minting Orcas NFTs (a fraction of the price will be airdropped as ORCA token)
  2. 2.
    Staking rewards for Orcas NFTs
  3. 3.
    Buying it
  4. 4.
    Earning rewards from different community campaigns/contests.
Token Distribution
Token Release

Currency for Gaming Communities

ORCA's digital token will have a wide range of applications within Orcas, spanning from acquiring products from content creators to expressing appreciation through tips for exceptional content. As the Orcas platform gains more communities and users, the value of the ORCA token will correspondingly increase.
  • Mint Orcas NFTs and become a member of our community (exclusive content and benefits)
  • Proposing and voting in the DAO Governance Board
  • Access to future projects and services. In the future, we will integrate products to automatically buy tokens from the market with the receipt of revenues.
  • For Guild Masters: to unlock premium tools/services on our platform
  • Staking Rewards (The team has already set aside ORCA tokens as staking rewards, with the distribution schedule planned for an extended period.)
  • Paying for services in the Orcas network
  • Dao Management (Members of the management team will be given ORCA as compensation for their services.)
  • Content Creators (streamers, bloggers, writers, vloggers, and artists, will be given ORCAs for compensation for their services.)


Ownership of ORCA tokens gives the holders a voice in directing the future of In the initial stages, the founding team, with the help of advisors, will help steer the governance, but as more tokens are released to the community and public, the steering becomes more and more decentralized.
The governance forum will be where ORCA holders can share their opinion and broadcast proposals to shape the direction of the governance. Each token holder can then vote to accept or reject the proposals, where the volume of ORCA tokens held is the weight of each voter. To ensure the alignment of interest of our gaming community, contributors, and supporters, we distribute ORCA tokens through community events, airdrops, gaming competitions, and more.
An example of a proposal could be voting for an additional council member or adopting a new project under the portfolio. More information on the logistics of the governance will be released in time.