🔑Multisig Security

Think of a Multisig as a safe requiring multiple keys to open simultaneously. In the blockchain world, it's a way to ensure that transactions are only approved when multiple signatures are used, providing an additional layer of security. This holds tremendous utility, especially for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) or at an institutional level, where mitigating single points of failure is crucial. Users can also deploy it in powerful ways similar to 2FA or escrow between two parties.

xSafe comes packed with features aimed at both individuals, allowing them to use multiple wallets, both cold and hot or a combination of the two, and teams, enabling them to manage their MultiversX crypto assets by confirming transactions only when a quorum is reached, which helps prevent unauthorized actions.

About xSafe

Based on the audited open-source MultiversX Multisig Smart Contract, xSafe is an on-chain governance solution, enabling individuals or teams to securely manage any MultiversX assets. Built by ValidBlocks, a well-known Staking Provider, xSafe helps anyone create, preview, or join a safe and transparently perform safe-related actions (such as adding new members, transferring assets, and changing) quorum, etc.) based on quorum.

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